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You can get more from your travel to Italy: visit the place where your ancestors were from, see the church were they married, the house where they lived, discover their history, read the centuries-old record books where the names of your great-grandfathers are written.

The reasons why people set out on the journey to research their family histories are many and varied. Most want to unlock decades, sometimes centuries, of unconfirmed stories, others just want to find ‘home’. Others just want to research their lost relatives. Some want to know what kind of people their ancestors were, their names, how and where, when and how they lived. What led to the decision to leave behind everything that they held dear and embark on long dangerous journeys to strange lands they knew nothing of, often with little more than the clothes they stood up in.

Research in Italy can be challenging given the multitude of records and local information that are not available on the internet. It is therefore vital that you choose a professional genealogist who has an in-depth knowledge of Italy, its history and people. Based in Italy, and with our specialist insight of Italian resources and history, we can help you uncover your family’s past… and present.

Using the Italian State Archives with its collection of family land records, deeds, leases and most importantly surviving civil and Parish Church records of birth ,marriage and burial, we work to put our clients in touch with their Italian family roots.

Meet our trusted genealogist Elena Gissi

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When people emigrate, they leave their history behind.
My commitment is to give it back to the new generations.
I can find out the names of your Italian ancestors, the place where they lived, when they were born, when they married, how many children they had and much more.
This is my passion and my job: helping people to discover their forgotten roots.

Elena - Ancestry researcher in North-West Italy

The love for Italy is shared by many in Australia, especially by Australians of Italian background. As stated by Elizabeth Triarico, head of the Italian Historical Society of Australia, “The Society receives many family history enquiries and many are interested in carrying out research overseas.” That’s reason why Carlton Travel and the IHS are promoting Family History Travels to Italy. A way to connect to our ancestors’ homeland through a fully customized vacation which includes the services of professional genealogists based in Italy.
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